Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard is probably one of the most intriguing books I have read. It involves five friends and one of them, Alison, gets murdered. After she was murdered the girls started receiving text messages about secrets only Alison knew but that wasn’t possible because she was dead. The whole book is filled with suspense and mystery trying to find out who is sending all the crazy messages. The book doesn’t end because there is a whole series. Sara Shepard has got me hooked for a long time.

Character Descriptions

Alison: She was the main character and she is dead. She was “killed” three years ago. No one really like her because she was stuck-up. She was blonde and very pretty. Mainly she went for boys who she knows really love her. She is super flirty and that is one reason her friends think she is annoying.

Spencer:She is also the main character and she is the smart one of the group. She is all about studies and schoolwork. She is always involved with a lot especially athletic. She gets jealous really easy because her friends always don’t include her in things. I think that is why she is so shy.

Emily: She is also the main character and she is super outgoing along with her personality she is super loud. She is the wild one and is always getting in trouble. She does a lot of things that get her in trouble so she is always confused on what it going on. She goes out a lot but she gets really scared when she isn’t around people all the time.  out outgoing, confused, freaked out, loud

Hanna: popular, mean, evil, devious

Favorite Quote

“We are friends right? Then we shouldn’t have secrets hidden from each other. Secrets are what keep us together.” Alison said. (pg.105)

I choose this quote because it reminds me of my friends and how we are always sharing secrets. It doesn’t necessarily keep us together but it somehow binds together. It is so ironic to me that Alison said this because she was always the one who kept secrets from the other girls. I don’t really know why Alison did that but I probably wouldn’t have been her friend if that was the way she treated me. She always made the girls feel special even when she knows they weren’t.


If you like mystery books and preppy girls the Pretty Little Liars series is for you. They also have a show based off the books which is also amazing. I love the series a lot because it keeps me focused and wondering what will happen next. I don’t want the series to end because I am obsessed by how the author writes the books. The show and book are so closely related that I read book by book and watch episode by episode. Everybody should try to read Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard.

Discussion Questions

  1. In Pretty Little Liars Alison turns out to be dead all of a sudden after a huge sleepover. All of her friends freak out and don’t really know what to do. What would you do and think if one of your friends turns out missing or dead?
  2. Rosewood is where all the girls live. It is a very preppy and rich neighborhood. After Alison’s death everything in Rosewood was going wrong. If you lived in a neighborhood where someone died who was close to you would you move or stay where you are and why?
  3. Hanna was very shy and quiet before Alison was dead. After Alison died Hanna became the popular one and was hanging out with all the cool kids. Do you think that because Alison died Hanna decided to become the cool one and why?

Hans Tells Another Lie

I loved the movie Frozen so doing this assignment doesn’t hurt me. I have two discussion questions to answer here is the first one.

12).  Hans tells everyone the princess is dead. Why does NOBODY go check on the body?

I think that the reason nobody went to check Anna’s body was because of Prince Hans. First off he is a prince. He is always supposed to be honest. Second off he “loved” Anna and everybody saw that. People would never think off the Prince lying about someones death. Anna wasn’t really dead but he was letting her suffer which I don’t why he would. I think the reason he met Anna was so that he could take advantage of her. I think if the prince wasn’t the prince people would have not taken him seriously. He used his power and his place in the Town as an advantage to get to Anna and let her die.

Elsa Doesn’t Tell

I loved the movie Frozen so doing this assignment doesn’t hurt me. I have two discussion questions to answer here is the first one.

7). Why is it that Elsa will not tell Anna about her powers?

I think that Elsa did not tell Anna about her powers because of what happened when Anna was younger. Anna and Elsa were best friends and before Anna did know that Elsa had powers. One time they were playing Elsa hurt Anna with her powers and she almost died. Their parents took them to the trolls and they said the best was to erase the memory from Anna’s head. It was the best for all of them or something bad could happen again. The next time something could happen Anna wouldn’t have the same luck.

Who is Prometheus and Gaea?

Prometheus and Gaea are names of people in Anthem by Ayn Rand that she changed the names off towards the end of the book. The people she renamed were Equality 7-2521 and Golden One. Equality 7-2521 basically was the one that changed the names. Equality 7-2521 is an example of a hero responsible for the progress the society has achieved. Gaea was named mainly because the Golden One relates to Gaea. Gaea is a strong beautiful women and has a lot of inner beauty. As Equality 7-2521 says she is perfect for him so he named her to be like him because they are meant for each other.


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All About Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is was an well known and amazing American novelist, philosopher, playwright and screenwriter. Ayn Rand was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia February 2, 1905. She died in New York City, NY March 6, 1982. Her death was heart wrenching for a lot of people because she brought joy and philosophy to many people in the world. A cool thing about Ayn Rand is that her real name was Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum. It is of course Russian but many people know her by Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand wrote so many good novels its very hard to choose favorite. Anthem, We the Living, The FountainHead, and Atlas Shrugged are a few of her novels she wrote. Of course Ayn Rand loved being an author but she had several jobs while pursuing her dream of being an author. Ayn Rand was a screenwriter having one of her films sold to Universal Studios. She also wrote a play called We the Living for Broadway. Ayn Rand also did a little bit extras work in some films. Before she started her career she did get married to Frank O Conner. Their marriage was very long lasting from 1929-19789 but it did have its complications. Something that Ayn Rand did not have is kids. She really just enjoyed the urban life so she never choose to continue her legacy.

Someone that Ayn Rand really cherished was Nathaniel Branden. He was a  American psychotherapist and he was the closest collaborator to Ayn Rand. Leonard S. Peikoff is a Canadian-American philosopher. A former teacher of philosophy, he was designated by the philosopher Ayn Rand as heir to her estate. Ayn Rand really likes her philosopher friends. Objectivism is not being influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. Ayn Rand was the person that created this amazing philosophy that many people still live by today. Ayn Rand did some things that she was not proud of. She was addicted to nicotine and of course after that most people want to stop sometimes its hard because they feel it does really help. Ayn Rand tried a lot to basically not be addicted no more. Ayn Rand did go to school to become the person she is she went to college an high school and elementary school like a lot of kids. Something that Ayn Rand enjoyed was collecting stamps. She was a big stamp collector which isn’t I would see a big philosopher doing. Something that Ayn Rand did was make people call her Mrs. Rand even though she was married. She wanted people to still know he literature and her writings. Ayn Rand was a special and well known lady. I learned a lot about this.

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Flowers for Algernon – Ms.Kinnian’s Feelings

Ms.Kinnian here and I took place in the book Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. I just love this book because of all the Universal Themes it shows and how it compares to the real world. A Universal Theme for me is a lesson that can occur everywhere in the world. It can be used in the past and in the future that is why it is called a Universal Theme.

Charlie for me represents adolescence because is just so trusting with everybody. I feel bad for him because I had a feeling that the experiment was not going to last. He got really smart but then he changed into his own self again. He was trusting with others and he couldn’t really notice when people made fun of him anymore.

Charlie for me is so strong knowing him personally and seeing him struggle in everyday life. I wish there was something I could do to help him out. People for me are just so rude when they don’t know what someone is going through. Near the end of the b0ok Charlie just lost hope because he saw the effects and he was changing into his old self.

Joe and Frank was probably one of the hardest things Charlie went and learning about friendship. He didst understand why they always laughed but he just went along. He found out they only had him along so that they can laugh at him without him knowing. That is why friendship is the biggest Universal Theme for me. I know that if Charlie was different he would understand how I feel about it to.

Thanks Akaya for proofreading.

What is Our Biggest World Problem?

Bill Gates one of the wealthiest men alive makes a good point in his annual letter for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. All he wants is for our world by 2035 to have the least amount of problems. We have so many problems its really hard just to choose one to solve first. What if we can’t even fix the problem. I myself think that one of the biggest problems we are facing is Economic Collapse. Nobody wants something as terribly bad as the Depression but if we don’t fix something now we could lead into that.

The real question we should ask ourselves is if we can change this economic collapse we are going through. We need to change the way we are living. People and states are wasting money on things we don’t even need. Why do you need three of the same stores in one plaza. We need more schools and educational things that would benefit the next generation.  Americans spend an average of 4.6 trillions dollars a year shopping. That is just a little less then what America owes China. What is up with people spending money on pointless stuff. My dad is one of those people who will always be prepared for anything up ahead. He has thought me that and I know that saving is something we should all do.

Some of the stupid things that the government is spending money on is using sixteen to twenty million dollars to help students from Indonesia get Masters Degree. What is the point in that. They need to focus on their own country and try to help our students graduate. Helping kids all the way across the country will not benefit America in any way. That is why he is the President of United States. To help our country which could benefit the next generation.  The Department of Health and Human Services plans to spend five hundred millions dollars to solve the problem of 5-year-old children that “can’t sit still” in a kindergarten classroom. What is this country we are living in. They are kids and they will grow up and the problem will go away. Spending 500 million dollars is so pointless especially on things like that.

I know that the Great Depression is something that a lot of people don’t want to go through. It was probably one of the hardest financial times the United States has gone through. The United States lost so much money and the Americans lost a lot of property. If that is where we are headed everybody should be scared. I would definitely not spend as much and save money. I agree a lot with what Bill Gates says about helping others like AID but it can definitely go out of hand if we let it. We have so many problems that right now I think we should focus on ourselves or I guess America.

Overall I somewhat agree with Bill Gates but we need to control how we help others. The things the United States is spending money is outrageous. No matter what help they need we actually need to help ourselves first. You might be thinking that I am being selfish but that is why each country has their dictator or president. They need to help their country first.  I think that the US buts into a lot of things. We are basically always being the hero and helping every country in need.

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Spring Break Essay

Spending time with family is probably the best thing. Spring Break this year was the best for me. My family flew here from New York for eleven days to get away from New York for a while. A lot of fun adventures and new memories were made. The most important part of spring break was that we had fun all together. I”m hoping next year will be as much fun but I doubt this Spring Break could be topped.

April 11

Finally the day came and we were out for Spring Break. As a family the first thing we did was go get ice cream at my favorite place Cold Stone and I was so excited. I smelled the sweet smells and I tasted heaven. I always get the Raspberry flavor with a lot of sprinkles in it. We had a bunch of fun there just relaxing, laughing and talking. Afterward we rented a movie and brought it home to watch. We had a family movie night which everybody enjoyed. It was an amazing way to start off spring break.

April 16

My family flies in from New York for eleven days and we haven’t seen them in three years. I met my baby cousin for the first time and she was three years old and very adorable. My family came here to Charlotte for the first time so we took them to Discovery Place so that the kids could enjoy themselves as well as learn. I didn’t really want to go Discovery Place because I have gone a lot but I just went to be with the whole family. There was so much people it took like forty five minutes just to get our tickets. It was very crowded and the whole museum smelled like popcorn. I bought a sandwich and some popcorn because I was super hungry. The food was really good but it was really expensive for a very small sandwich. Shortly after we drove around Charlotte to show them the city. The city was gorgeous and there is always people there so it was pretty crowded as well. We ate at this cafe which there seems to be a lot of Downtown. The place smelled amazing so I couldn’t resist not buying me another sandwich but this one was a Panini so it wasn’t the same thing. Lastly the day ended by watching movies until everyone went to sleep.

April 17

Thursday was probably the most productive day. We all woke up to a delicious pancake and bacon breakfast made by my wonderful mom. We all ate up and headed off to Carowinds for the day. The family rode basically all the rides and ate a bunch of food. Like always Carowinds was super crowded even on a Thursday. To me Carowinds smells like pretzels all the time. For lunch I had an Icee, a pretzel, some fries, and some chicken tenders. We stayed at Carowinds till about five because it then started raining really hard so we headed to my aunts house. She lives in the same neighborhood so we stayed at her house till midnight because the adults talked the whole time. All the kids stayed up till three watching movies and playing the Wii. This day was probably the best.

April 18

Friday was pretty rainy so we did pretty simple things. I called my friends over for the day to meet my family. Since there was ten people all together we had to take the van and my moms car. All the boys in one car and all the girls in the van. The whole time to the mall we talked and sang along to some music. We finally arrived to the mall and there was a lot of people like usual. I saw some people from my school there that were also shopping. We bought a lot of clothes and we did some pretty bad damage. The whole day it smelled like sweat and grass probably because of the humidity. After we got tired my friends, family, and me went to Olive Garden my favorite place. I am obsessed with Italian food so I always tend to eat more the usual there.We were worn out so we headed home and my friends got to sleepover so I can say that it was also the best night out of the whole spring break.

April 20

The last day of Spring Break was Sunday and it was Easter. We had an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids and we took a lot of pictures. The day was beautiful, the sun was shining and all the birds were chirping. To complete the spring break we all went to Carrabbas for dinner. Sunday was all about about being appreciative. As I said before this spring break was the best and we made so much more memories that we can cherish but most important we all had fun.